Zook Molasses Company


Company History

The Zook Molasses Company started back in 1934 by M. Simon Zook filling a need for farmers to feed their livestock with quality molasses.

M. Simon Zook was raised on an Old Order Amish farm in Honey Brook, PA. Sim decided early in life that there had to be a better way to earn a living than plowing fields, so he left the Amish lifestyle with a sixth-grade education. At the age of 25, he began M. Simon Zook Company with encouragement and help of his wife Elsie. He traveled from farm to farm grinding feed and baling hay. He was able to stay ahead of the competition by flying his airplane over the fields to see who was going to be ready to bale next. He would then arrive on their farm the next day ready to bale their hay.

No Minimum Quantities

Zook Molasses has been selling to farms of all sizes since 1934!

Learn how our molasses can help you work smarter!

Zook Molasses
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