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Liquid Molasses Feed for Cattle, Sheep, and More

High-quality liquid animal feed is one of our signature solutions at Zook Molasses. Both farmers and animal nutritionists alike agree that molasses feed leads to healthier herds of cattle, sheep, horses, and more. Our line of liquid feed products includes molasses, sugar blends, oils, and vinegars – all of these products are demonstrated to improve animal nutrition and healthy bacteria. Consult with our expert team to select the right product or blend for your animals.

While Zook Molasses may operate with old-fashioned values, our products are relevant for today’s farmers and ranchers. Realizing that the demand is growing, we offer liquid animal feed to help organic operations as well as grass-fed organic operations. Our different lines of liquid animal feed are available in non-GMO, organic, OMRI organic certified, and conventional.

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Benefits of Molasses for Animals

For over 80 years, we have crafted and sold molasses for animals that makes a real difference on farms across the country. Adding molasses to dry feed provides a wide range of health benefits for your animals, essentially increasing the quality of the feed you’re using. At Zook Molasses, our liquid feed is primarily used for cows, including beef cattle, lactating dairy cows, and dry dairy cows. Adding high quality molasses for cows into the forage has been demonstrated to add key nutrients and make the fiber in your standard feed more digestible. In addition, the taste of feed molasses improves appetite, even during stressful periods, ensuring a stabilized feed intake for your herd. On a microbial level, these supplements increase the efficiency of the cow’s rumen, allowing them to further breakdown and get more nutrients out of your standard feed. While cattle are a primary focus of ours, we also make molasses specifically formulated for other animals, including horses and sheep.

Get Pricing on Molasses for Cows and Other Livestock

Not only do our liquid animal feeds make your life easier, but buying from Zook Molasses is easy and convenient, too. When you order molasses for cows or other animals from Zook Molasses, we give you multiple ways to purchase the product you want. We offer liquid animal feed in 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes – or even bulk metered orders where you pay by the gallon!

Simply put: our mission is to make your herd healthier, to save you money on feed, and to make your job just a little easier. We’re here to provide solutions for your herd, and to do that, we’re glad to work with you or talk directly to your trusted nutritionist. When you call Zook Molasses, you’ll speak to an expert who understands farming and the role of animal feed molasses – reach out when you’re ready to place an order, or to ask us questions!

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Zook Molasses has been selling to farms of all sizes since 1934!

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