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Molasses Road Treatment: Environmentally-Friendly

While Zook Molasses may be best known for producing molasses for animals, we also manufacture molasses for road treatment as a natural de-icing solution. As the interest in all-natural alternatives to chemicals keeps rising, more municipalities and companies are looking for new solutions for de-icing as well as wastewater treatment. Our molasses road treatment provides a more efficient, all-natural way to treat the roads as a countermeasure against winter weather.

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After being field-tested over several winters, customers agree that our molasses road treatment solutions are not only a good choice to go green but significantly more effective than traditional solutions. Whether you manage the winter maintenance for a municipality or you run a private snow company and want a more environmentally-friendly option for your customers, choose molasses for deicing.

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Advantages of Our Natural De-Icing Solution

The Zook Molasses natural deicer is formulated by mixing our distilled molasses with urea to melt snow and ice. The molasses road treatment is then applied by trucks over the roadways just like with any traditional product. Since the molasses and urea are less harsh and more natural than a traditional calcium chloride compound, there are key environmental benefits – in addition to the added efficiency. Most of the benefits of our product come from the fact that the molasses base sticks to the road very effectively, which makes the ice melt compound more effective.

These are the key advantages of our natural de-icing solution:

Simply put, when compared side-by-side, our natural deicer outperforms the alternative – and is better for the environment. Reach out to today to get more specific details about product lines and to place your order now.

Explore Our Molasses Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Another way that municipal governments can benefit from incorporating our solutions into their work is through our molasses wastewater treatment solutions. As is the case with our molasses for crops, you can incorporate our product lines to stimulate important bacteria growth. In this case, by using a molasses wastewater treatment product, you feed the bacteria and aggressively stimulate their growth. This makes the crucial bacteria in the wastewater tanks more effective at breaking down the negative bacteria. Like with the natural de-icing solution, the goal is to provide a new solution to maximize the effectiveness of a job that needs done.

To get more details about the specifics of our molasses wastewater treatment solution – or to place your order — reach out to our knowledgeable in-house team to discuss our solutions and to get prices!

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