ZMC Balance Lick Tubs

ZMC Balanced Feed Supplement helps supply much-needed vitamins and minerals that forage lacks to help your cattle perform to their genetic potential. Made with a patented and proprietary formula of balanced poured and cooked supplemental ingredients.


Types:Sweetcake Tub

  • Tubs with variable protein percentages available including 16%, 20%, and 24%.
  • Lick tubs for bovine, equine, goat, and sheep.
  • Variable sizes and fly control.


  • High in nutrient density.
  • Allows for more consistent nutrient delivery.
  • Promotes more even consumption.
  • Effective tool in grazing management.
  • Reduces mineral waste.
  • Positive return on investment.
  • Provides an additional source of supplemental minerals.


1 block feeds 25-40 average head count.